Letter to the Editor: City Should Clean Up Its Mess

Letter to the Editor: City Should Clean Up Its Mess

To the Editor:

The city lays claim to ownership of King Street Park at the foot of King Street. This past Sunday (April 13), the park was a trash-strewn disgrace, with trash overflowing from the can and being blown about the entire park and into the river. If the city does not have the manpower nor the inclination to keep the current park clean, what makes it think it will be able to keep up with the proposed larger Fitzgerald Square?

Perhaps the city should hope the planned deal with the Old Dominion Boat Club falls apart. Fitzgerald Square appears to have been driven by developers and businesses rather than the residents of Alexandria. Primary plans for the square are a Farmer’s Market (already have a great one with plenty of parking) and an ice rink. In the 25 years I have lived here, the city has never demonstrated residents’ desire for an ice rink by even erecting a temporary one; and the Market Square fountain could probably be renovated to accommodate a rink if the city was really serious about having one.

So what we will now have is another larger park that the city cannot maintain to be used primarily as a ferry terminal and a view for a couple of restaurants; all at a cost of millions of dollars to us, the taxpayers. Yes, the city should hope the deal collapses, and then settle for a nice, easily maintainable walkway along the waterfront that borders an attractive parking area for the boat club.

Dave Beck