Totally Trucks Event Held In Reston

Totally Trucks Event Held In Reston

Event shows vehicles used by Reston Association.

Reston Association’s Central Services Facility at 12250 Sunset Hills Road was open Friday, Aug. 8 for the annual Totally Trucks event. The purpose of the event is to display the trucks and vehicles used by the Reston Association to children and families in the community. Trucks on display included a dump truck, trash truck, back hoe, Bobcat and a moving tractor. Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, Fairfax County Police, and USPS also had vehicles at the event.

“Kids love the event,” said Michael Kloosterboer, a resident of Reston and assistant director of the Reston Day Camp. More then fifty campers in the Reston Association’s children summer camp program attended event. The event was open to the public, and families throughout northern Virginia stopped by to visit and take photos. “This is our first time attending,” said Stephanie Spinapolice, a resident of Fairfax who brought her son Aiden. “It is a nice collection of vehicles.”

Attending the truck show for a second time were members of the Kang family. “My son loves everything that has to do with trucks,” said Liana Kang, a resident of Reston. Accompanying her was her son Alexander. “We got here early because it gets quite busy towards the end.”

This was the 15th annual Totally Trucks event, and is a signature event for Reston Association. “Our maintenance crew takes a few days to clean the equipment to get ready for the hundreds of children,” said Reston Association's Special Events Coordinator, Ashleigh Soloff. One popular vehicle was the USPS mail truck, a Grumman LLV. “Kids are really having a great time,” said USPS vehicle maintenance worker Lee Spears. Spears works at the Reston post office at 11110 Sunset Hills Rd.

“It is always a hit with the kids,” said Brian Murphy, Reston Association Maintenance Director. Murphy will have been employed with Reston Association for 40 years in September. Some of the vehicles on display assist with seasonal work including plowing snow off pathways. There are 55 miles of paved trails in Reston, and it is the Reston Association which clears the trails after significant snowfalls. The snow plows used by the Reston Association are made by Bombardier, a Canadian company. Three of the plows are from 1979 and one is from 1986.

Another popular vehicle was the spray truck, used to flush parking lots and keep down dusts when road construction is underway. The operator of the truck displayed how far water could stream out using the spray truck.

Reston Association is responsible for the care, service and enhancement of the Reston community. One upcoming Reston community event is the Reston Community Yard Sale scheduled Saturday, Sept. 6 (rain date Sept. 7). The Yard Sale will be at 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive and last from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.