CHS Art Students Win 31 Awards

CHS Art Students Win 31 Awards

Chantilly High students won a total of 31 awards in the recent FCPS Regional Scholastic Art competition. Winners were announced Monday, Jan. 27.

The students received awards in all disciplines: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography and Computer Graphics. Three received Gold Keys for their portfolios in Photography, Drawing and Fashion Design. Twelve won Gold Keys, eight won Silver Keys and 11 students received Certificates of Merit.

The works done by the Gold and Silver Key winners will be displayed, Feb. 7-20, at the Ernst Cultural Center of NOVA’s Annandale campus. And on Tuesday, Feb. 18, from 7:30-9 p.m., 20 of the students will be recognized during an awards ceremony.

Gold Key Portfolio winners will have their work shown on a screen on stage, and images of all the Gold Key artwork will go to New York for national judging. Below is a list of Chantilly’s winning art students; the awards are Gold Key (GK), Silver Key (SK) and Certificates of Merit (CM):

Ana Ansari, 12, GK, Drawing, Missing Machinery, Winfrey;

Melissa Armistead, 12, GK, Art Portfolio, Tea Time, Sinclair;

Nikita Balani, 12, GK, Art Portfolio, Light Reading, Simmons;

Alina Besalel, 11, GK, Printmaking, Stay, Winfrey;

Emily Bishop, 12, GK, Photography, De Terre, Simmons;

Emily Harrington, 12, GK, Photography, Coupé, Simmons;

Angelica Kim, 11, GK, Drawing, Reaching Out, Sinclair;

Jiangnan Lu, 12, GK, Art Portfolio, Fenghuang, Sinclair;

Jason Ly, 12, GK, Printmaking, I Wish I Had Legs, Winfrey;

Sultan-Mahmood Seraj, 12, GK, Photography, Fragmented, Simmons;

Diana Tsoy, 12, GK, Photo Portfolio, The Deal, Simmons;

Shijia Zhao, 11, GK, Painting, A Colorful Self Portrait, Sinclair;

Kylie Funkhouser,, 9, SK, Mixed Media, Cut Paper Portrait, Sinclair;

Crystal Pan, 10, SK, Drawing, Dark, Sinclair;

Mia Rickenbach, 11, SK, Fashion Sequoia, Sinclair;

Sultan-Mahmood Seraj, 12, SK, Photography, Reborn, Simmons;

Sultan-Mahmood Seraj, 12, SK, Photo Portfolio, Seraj_s_photography_, Simmons;

Marra Sherrier, 12, SK, Printmaking, Where Are You?, Winfrey;

Paige Worthy, 12, SK, Mixed Media, Mask Sinclair;

Paige Worthy, 12, SK, Art Portfolio, Reaching, Sinclair;

Zariah Davis, 10, CM, Photography, Invisible, Simmons;

Kaley Evans, 12, CM, Art Portfolio, Ribcage, Sinclair;

Randy Fawcett, 11, CM, Digital Art, Untitled, Winfrey;

Miranda Hudson, 12, CM, Art Portfolio, Sneakers Worn Thin, Sinclair;

Ethan Huey, 12, CM, Digital Art, Expansion, Winfrey;

Noah Lee, 11, CM, Photography, Kiss, Simmons;

JeongHyun Park, 12, CM, Art Portfolio, Dependency, Winfrey;

Marra Sherrier, 12, CM, Art Portfolio, Can, Sinclair;

Kimberly Shifflett, 12, CM, Art Portfolio, Handle With Caution, Winfrey;

Diana Tsoy, 12, CM, Photography, Touch Of Heaven, Simmons;

Diana Tsoy, 12, CM, Photography, 1.6 Gravity, Simmons.