Thunderbolts Defeat Stingrays

Thunderbolts Defeat Stingrays

In its second Division III NVSL meet of the season, the Donaldson Run Thunderbolts defeated the Little Rocky Run Stingrays 231 – 189.

Double individual race winners for Donaldson Run were (in order of age and event): TJ Hutchison, boys 9-10 backstroke and butterfly; Emily Brooks, girls 13-14 freestyle and backstroke, and Ellie Belilos, girls 15-18 freestyle and breaststroke.

The team’s single winners were: Julia Sherinian, girls 8&U freestyle; Jack Oliver, boys 8&U backstroke; Charlie Longnecker, boys 8&U breaststroke; Charlie Greenwood, boys 8&U butterfly; Lily Hendrey, girls 9-10 backstroke; Drew Harker, boys 9-10 freestyle; Ella Rigoli, girls 9-10 butterfly; Sean Conley, boys 11-12 breaststroke; Anna Trainum, girls 11-12 breaststroke; Grace Motta, girls 13-14 breaststroke; Emma Hutchison, girls 13-14 butterfly; Huck Browne, boys 13-14 butterfly; Mike Poppalardo, boys 15-18 freestyle, and Andrew Walker, boys 15-18 breaststroke.

DR swept three events: boys 8&U breaststroke with Charlie Longnecker, James Snaith, and Charlie Greenwood; boys 8&U butterfly with Charlie Greenwood, James Snaith, and Charlie Marsh; girls 9-10 backstroke with Lily Hendrey, Gracie Jansen, and Elsa Leichty; girls, 13-14 freestyle with Emily Brooks, Emma Hutchison, and Julia Fayer; girls 13-14 butterfly with Emma Hutchison, Julia Fayer and Kerry Meade, and boys 15-18 breaststroke with Andrew Walker, Jack Storrs, and Mike Poppalardo.