New Principal at Henry Elementary

New Principal at Henry Elementary

Annie Frye was named principal of Henry Elementary School during the School Board’s organizational meeting on July 1. For the past nine years, Frye has served as Henry’s assistant principal.

Frye possesses 26 years of experience as an educator, 14 as a teacher and 12 as an assistant principal for APS. She taught physical education at Jamestown, Drew Model and Campbell elementary schools before joining Drew an assistant principal in 2002. She has served as Henry’s assistant principal since 2005.

As assistant principal, Frye monitors student achievement and regularly meets with teachers to address student achievement including their remediation and enrichment needs.

In addition to her responsibilities as assistant principal, Frye is involved in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on the Virginia Standards of Learning. She has been the recipient of numerous awards during her career and was named APS Teacher of the Year in 1997.

Frye received a Bachelor’s Degree in education and physical education teaching at University of Virginia and a Master’s Degree in educational leadership from the George Mason University.