Donaldson Run Defeats Lee-Graham

Donaldson Run Defeats Lee-Graham

The Donaldson Run Thunderbolts defeated the Lee-Graham Dolphins, 237-183, at its fourth NVSL Division III Meet of the season. This victory keeps the Thunderbolts in first place in its division.

Double individual race winners for Donaldson Run were (in order of age and event): Charlie Greenwood (boys’ 8U breaststroke, butterfly); TJ Hutchison (boys’ 9-10 freestyle, backstroke); Ella Rigoli (girls’ 9-10 freestyle, butterfly); Audrey Engel (girls’ 11-12 freestyle, butterfly); Matthew Vance (boys’ 13-14 freestyle, backstroke); Huck Browne (boys’ 13-14 breaststroke, butterfly); Emily Brooks (girls’ 13-14 freestyle, backstroke), and Ellie Belilos (girls’ 15-18 freestyle, breaststroke).

The team’s single winners were: Charlie Longnecker (boys’ 8U freestyle); William Sloan (boys’ 8U backstroke); Lily Hendery (girls’ 9-10 backstroke); Hannah Ford (girls’ 11-12 backstroke); Drew Harker (boys’ 9-10 breaststroke); Rachel Conley (girls’ 8U butterfly); Jack Tsuchitani (boys’ 9-10 butterfly); Stasi Gustafson, (girls’ 15-18 backstroke).

DR swept three events: boys’ 8U freestyle with Charlie Longnecker, James Snaith, and Charlie Marsh; boys’ 8U breaststroke with Charlie Greenwood, Charlie Longnecker, and James Snaith, and boys’ 13-14 butterfly with Huck Browne, Harrison Rehr, and Jack Cowden.

Earlier in the week, Donaldson Run also won its Division III Relay Carnival. Thirteen of 22 relays qualified for the All-Star Relay Carnival, and the boys’ 18U freestyle mixed-age relay team of John Ford, TJ Hutchison, Matt Vance and Bryan Meade broke a long-standing Donaldson Run team record. Their time of 1:58:06 beat a time of 1:58:70 set back in 1978.