Letter: A Job-creation Candidate

Letter: A Job-creation Candidate

To the Editor

To the Editor:

I have known Delegate Barbara Comstock, candidate for Congress from Virginia’s 10th District, for over a year now. She has always impressed me as a bright, serious and pragmatic candidate who was focused on addressing the important issues affecting our community rather than just

giving speeches, repeating talking points or pandering to specific groups. She has common sense proposals to address problems ranging from job creation and economic development that will give hope to working families, to combating human trafficking.

She told me that our economy is not growing enough to sustain the current level of spending that has added $5 trillion in debt and left 23 million unemployed. As a college student at Miami University in Ohio that concerns me. There are far too many of my friends who are either unemployed or are underemployed and forced to find work outside of their

college studies. The biggest concern facing my generation is not being able to find work out of college. I know that as a Congresswoman, Barbara Comstock will hit the ground running working for good-paying jobs in the Commonwealth.

I like most college students am concerned with the rising gas prices, and I know Delegate Comstock supports plans for achieving energy independence. President Obama won over my peers by running on a promise of hope and change, which has fallen flat over the past five years. We need leaders in Congress like Barbara Comstock who will work towards helping students. Delegate Comstock is a mom so I know she gets it. She has our best interests in mind and will work hard so that my generation has a bright future.

Macy Anderson