Letter: Supporting Comstock

Letter: Supporting Comstock

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Delegate Barbara Comstock has run a positive campaign that discusses her legislative accomplishments in the Virginia House of Delegates, her record as a small businesswoman, her time as a senior official at the Justice Department and as a senior aide to our current well-respected Congressman, Frank Wolf. She highlights common sense solutions and has engaged communities all across the 10th District.

Her campaign is built on a strong grassroots organization that delivers her positive message door to door. I have seen Delegate Comstock at events all around the 10th District. Her busy schedule shows that she has the voters best interests in mind and wants to hear from the constituents.

Her positive message of job creation and economic growth is just what the District needs. In Richmond, she has made jobs a priority, and it has paid off—as Virginia has been highlighted as a top state for job growth. She has not supported tax increases unlike her opponent where

taxing seems to be his favorite pastime. She is an independent voice in the House of Delegates and will continue to be as our Congresswoman. We don’t need another Nancy Pelosi/Barack Obama liberal in Congress who

will be a rubber stamp and repeatedly support tax increases that will hurt our small businesses and families.

We need a Representative to fight for us and Delegate Barbara Comstock is the person to best serve the diverse interests of this District.

Uzma Hayat

Great Falls