Letter: Checking the Letters

Letter: Checking the Letters

To the Editor:

I have read both letters to the editor in the July 16, 2014, McLean edition, in which Anne C. Gruner and Macy Anderson, as residents of McLean, enthusiastically endorse Barbara Comstock for Congress.

Five minutes on the Internet revealed that Ms. Gruner is, with Ms. Comstock, a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association, and that Ms. Anderson worked for the Comstock for Delegate organization in the last election and has worked for the Fairfax County Republican Committee. At the very least the Connection could have asked the authors for their political affiliations and, perhaps, whether the Comstock campaign wrote the letters for them.

The race for the congressional seat from Virginia’s Tenth District this fall promises to be hotly contested. I hope that, in fairness to its readers, the Connection is more diligent about doing its homework as the campaign continues.

Tom Brock


P.S. For the record, I am not affiliated with Supervisor Foust’s campaign and I am a member of but not actively involved in the Democratic Party. I have had little contact with Supervisor Foust other than working with him in a non-partisan community organization a dozen years ago, before he was elected to the Board of Supervisors, and three or four meetings with him in his capacity as a supervisor.