Deadline for First Half Real Estate Taxes Nears

Deadline for First Half Real Estate Taxes Nears

— The City of Alexandria reminds property owners that first half 2014 real estate tax and refuse fee payments are due Monday, June 16. To be considered on time, payment must be received by the city or postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service no later than June 16. In accordance with City Code, late payment penalty and interest will be assessed on all real estate taxes and refuse fees that are not paid or postmarked by the due date. The late payment penalty is 10 percent of the combined total for the tax and refuse fee, or $10, whichever is greater. Interest accrues at an annual rate of 10 percent for the first year and 5 percent for each year thereafter, beginning June 17, 2014, and continuing until the entire outstanding balance is paid.

The Code of Virginia does not allow for extension of the due date or for the waiver of tax, penalty, or interest due to the property owner’s inability to pay or failure to receive a tax bill. Any property owner who has not received a bill in the mail and does not have real estate taxes paid through a mortgage company should contact the city’s Treasury Division at or by calling 703.746.3902, Option 8, to request a duplicate bill. Property owners who have refinanced in the past year may wish to verify that their current mortgage company has received their real estate tax bill.

For more information on real estate taxes, including the “Real Estate Tax History Search and Pay” service, visit Additional information on payments, late payment penalty, and interest is available through the Alexandria Tax Guide online at or through the Treasury Division.