Singing and Acting Nods for Paul VI

Singing and Acting Nods for Paul VI

Paul VI High has received two of the top Cappie nominations for its production of “Guys and Dolls.” Jacob Rozmajzl is nominated for Male Vocalist, and his younger sister Abby is up for Lead Actress in a Musical. And Director Katherine Miller is delighted that they’re being recognized.

“Jacob and Abby Rozmajzl are the nicest, most hardworking and professional pair of siblings you could ask for,” she said. “Both will do whatever it takes to make things right, and both are extremely open to other actors around them. They both make a conscious effort to help everyone else look good, and they do it with grace and humor. There is never a hint of diva in either one.”

Although Abby’s only a sophomore, said Miller, “Her vocal and acting skills are well advanced of her age and experience. She has had lead roles in our last two musicals, but she takes small roles with the same dedication. She really enjoys the process as much as the performance.”

Regarding Jacob – a senior heading to JMU this fall – Miller calls him a jack of all trades. “He sings, acts, dances, plays various instruments, composes and is a complete joy to be around. His talent and enthusiasm are utterly infectious.”

Miller’s proud of the rest of her cast, too. Describing Caleigh Davis as a hard worker with “fine vocal skills,” Miller said, “She’s my second freshman to land a major musical role in two years and she rewarded my confidence in her with a terrific performance. I’m looking forward to great things from her.”

Senior Spencer Loessberg is the head lighting tech; but in “Guys and Dolls,” he played one of the lead characters, Nathan Detroit. “He has such natural charm and energy that he was a delight all the time, whether hanging lights or singing ‘Sue Me,’” said Miller. “The audience really responded to his comedic timing and great relationships with the others onstage.”

Besides having talented actors, she said, “My crew changes sets like nobody’s business; and my stage manager, Alex Wingate, has made everything run like a Swiss watch for the last three years. She's a senior, off to the College of William & Mary, and I’ll miss her.”

As for the rest of the cast, Miller said, “They performed every task with professional dedication. I’m very sorry to lose so many great seniors; but I have a bunch of freshmen, sophomores and juniors who’ll fill their shoes admirably. I’m very grateful that people keep sending me their talented kids.”