Letter to the Editor: Champion on Trafficking Issue

Letter to the Editor: Champion on Trafficking Issue

To the Editor:

Recently I viewed the TV ad that Barbara Comstock released that was narrated by Congressman Frank Wolf who is our representative in the 10th Congressional District in Northern Virginia. Delegate Comstock worked as a senior aide for a number of years for Congressman Wolf so he is well aware of her strong qualifications for replacing him in Congress.

More specifically, Barbara Comstock has been a champion of fighting human trafficking in the Virginia House of Delegates; in fact, she has written legislation that cracks down on this terrible crime.

As a mother of two girls and a grandmother of three girls, Barbara Comstock's active involvement and concern in human trafficking is of real interest to me and our family. She has worked on legislation that makes soliciting a minor under 16 a Class 5 felony and any person who solicits prostitution from a minor 16 years of age or older is guilty of a Class 6 felony. She has worked closely with law enforcement officials in the area on a bipartisan coalition in the General Assembly to propose and adopt stricter laws in this area.

Congressman Frank Wolf has been a leader and a strong advocate of working to end human trafficking as well. I know that with Barbara Comstock as his successor in Congress, we will continue to have a strong champion on this important issue and an ongoing strong voice in our District. She will be a representative who will act and work vigorously with others in Congress to pass legislation to crack down on these crimes. She has a proven record of doing so in the Virginia House of Delegates.

This is one of the many reasons why my husband and I strongly support Barbara Comstock for Congress. We urge others in our 10th District to do the same.

Joan Dreux