Letter to the Editor: A Common Sense Candidate

Letter to the Editor: A Common Sense Candidate

To the Editor:

I recently saw John Foust's new ad on television. In it he claims to have balanced seven budgets but leaves out the big detail that he had to raise taxes to do so. He has yet to point to anything he has accomplished in office that doesn't involve raising taxes or spending.

He has just repeatedly raised taxes; property taxes — 7.25 percent just this year, supported the proposed $80 million meals tax, calls ObamaCare and its $1 trillion in new taxes “clearly a good thing,” and voted for a new Internet tax. He can't point to anything positive that he would do in Congress, and would likely vote right down the line with Nancy Pelosi.

He has never worked on legislation to create jobs, and has not received any endorsement from any jobs creators. In contrast, Barbara Comstock has received the endorsement of every major champion of creating jobs including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the NFIB, the National and Virginia Realtors and the Virginia Credit Union League. Barbara has also received the endorsement of business and community leaders who have backed U.S. Sen. Mark Warner and Gov. Terry McAuliffe. John Foust would be part of the tax and spend problem in Washington and would vote to keep ObamaCare in place, as it is.

We need a member of Congress who has a proven legislative record of job creation, and will work in a bipartisan manner for common sense results. Barbara Comstock is that candidate.

Mike Mullen

Great Falls