Letter: Candidate Who Raises Taxes

Letter: Candidate Who Raises Taxes

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

John Foust unlike Barbara Comstock has a love of raising taxes. John Foust hasn’t met a tax that he would not want to cut and recently said that he would raise taxes if elected to Congress. If history is any judgment of character, John Foust’s history on taxes is totally abysmal.

Being on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, John Foust has raised taxes multiple times. A list of taxes Foust raised shows his zeal to tax everything under the sun, and if the sun was taxable I am pretty sure John Foust would tax that too. John Foust voted to increase property taxes by 22 percent on our homes and purchase of a car.

John Foust even supports the $80 million meals tax that will not only hurt working families but also restaurants and even Democrats opposed.

It is pretty clear that John Foust would be just like Barack Obama and vote to raise our taxes every chance he gets. One candidate in this race wants to make sure taxes are cut. Barbara Comstock wants to increase the child tax credit to $2,000, and this tax cut will be one of the first pieces of legislation she introduces in the House. Barbara will keep taxes low so the economy can continue to grow in Northern Virginia.

Remember, John Foust has already said he would support raising taxes in Congress. The choice is crystal clear come Nov. 4. Vote for a tax raiser who will back President Obama’s failed policies or vote for someone who has promised to cut taxes and check President Obama at every turn.

Mary Pat Ferron