Letter: Astonishing Charges

Letter: Astonishing Charges

To the Editor:

I have been a member of the Great Falls Citizens Association Transportation Committee since 2010 when Delegate Barbara Comstock and Supervisor John Foust led a bipartisan effort, in conjunction with the GFCA and the McLean Citizens Association, to change the VDOT plan for a two-lane turn from Route 7 and a nine-lane-wide intersection at the juncture of Route 7 and Georgetown Pike.

Therefore I was astonished at Foust's sexist charge in August that Comstock had never had a real job. But I've since become angry at Foust's desperate lies about Comstock.

Foust has tried to label Comstock as a partisan extremist when she has amassed a center/right coalition of supporters from Independents to moderate and conservative Republicans, and when her legislation garnered bipartisan support in the General Assembly.

Foust has criticized Comstock's vote against former Governor McDonnell's Transportation Bill. While Comstock opposed the added taxation of Northern Virginians, Foust has voted to raise Fairfax County taxes every time he has had a chance -- to the chagrin of retirees like me with fixed pensions.

Furthermore the business community, which supported that same Transportation Bill, has endorsed Comstock because of her savings of hundreds of millions of transportation dollars on the extension of the Silver Line.

Comstock supports offshore drilling that would add funding for Virginia transportation and education projects. But Foust is against offshore drilling. Send Comstock to Congress.

Karl Pierson

Great Falls