City Suspends Ticketing of ‘For Sale’ Cars

City Suspends Ticketing of ‘For Sale’ Cars

Cars displaying for “For Sale” signs on Alexandria public streets will no longer be ticketed. Since the 1960s, section 10-4-13(a) of the city code has prohibited displaying the car on the street for the purposes of selling it. Since September, City of Alexandria staff has been reviewing the ordinance and have announced that enforcement of the prohibition has been suspended as of Tuesday, Oct. 28.

“Vehicles displaying ‘for sale’ signs on public streets will not be ticketed until further notice,” read an announcement from the city. “This will allow the city and the community time to assess any positive or negative implications of the practice.”

If the City Council moves forward with an amendment or repeal of the ordinance, a public hearing will be held and the council will vote on the change. If the law is not changed, the City of Alexandria must provide at least 30 days public notice before ticketing will resume.