Letter: Comstock Masters Business Issues

Letter: Comstock Masters Business Issues

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, Sept. 3, the candidates for the 10th Congressional District had their first debate before the Fairfax and Prince William Chambers and the Northern Virginia Technology Council. The contrast couldn’t have been more stark.

In the hour and a half debate, Delegate Barbara Comstock demonstrated that she had worked extensively with our business and technology community as a delegate, as a senior aide to Congressman Wolf and as an attorney and businesswoman in the private sector. Delegate Comstock

mastered the business issues and had passed numerous bills that have enhanced our economic climate in Virginia. As Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee, Comstock has led on important legislation such as this year’s Research and Development Tax Credit lauded even by Terry

McAuliffe who signed the legislation. Comstock’s Data Center

legislation is helping this booming industry expand throughout the 10th District. Comstock also noted her past work with Congressman Wolf in advocating for the $1,000 child tax credit that Comstock now wants to work to double to $2,000 per child when she gets to Congress. We need someone who will get results in Congress, and not someone who needs on

the job training, as Foust demonstrated he would need.

Time and again, John Foust demonstrated he had little familiarity with our business community or issues facing our tech and defense communities. That is not surprising as he has spent little time over the past seven years interacting with either.

Devon Flynn