Letter: Supporting Comstock

Letter: Supporting Comstock

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I recently attended the VA 10th District Town Hall that was hosted by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. Only one candidate embodied the forward thinking, bipartisan leadership that we need to get the job done in Congress and that’s Delegate Barbara Comstock. Delegate Comstock

outlined her proven, bipartisan record in the Virginia General Assembly promoting Data Center and tech jobs, her telework bill, and her R&D tax credit, which was praised by Governor McAuliffe as legislation that “enhances Virginia’s business climate.” She also pointed out that as a senior aide to Congressman Frank Wolf she had worked on child tax credit

legislation that currently stands at $1,000 and that as our next Congresswoman she would work to increase that credit to $2,000 per child. I support all of these initiatives because this is what Virginia and the nation needs to enhance our competitiveness at home and abroad.

Furthermore, she outlined her support for the Keystone Pipeline, which would create thousands of shovel ready jobs and has broad bipartisan support but is being blocked by the Obama Administration and extremists like her opponent who opposes it. She firmly stated her support for repealing and replacing the disastrous ObamaCare with patient-centered

care while her opponent has stuck with his assessment that Obamacare is “clearly a good thing.”

Delegate Comstock has also earned the strong support of our business community including the US Chamber of Commerce, the NFIB, the National and Virginia realtors and the Virginia Credit Union League. Her opponent could point to none and in the past has attacked the Fairfax Chamber as

“special interests.”

Comstock stood out as a leader, and with her past record and detailed understanding of what we need in Congress, she will be able to hit the ground running on day one to work for us.

Craig Parisot