Meet the Governing Board Candidates

Meet the Governing Board Candidates

Tax District residents asked to Vote for 2015-2016 MCC Governing Board Members.

The McLean Community Center’s (MCC) annual Governing Board election takes place at McLean Day from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 16. MCC Governing Board members ask residents of Dranesville Small District 1A to stop and “take two minutes” to vote at the election tent, which is located inside the Lewinsville Park’s entrance at 1659 Chain Bridge Rd.

The board sets policy and provides general oversight for all programs of the Center and its facilities, including the Robert Ames Alden Theatre and the Old Firehouse Teen Center. Three adult positions and two youth positions are open this year. The adult candidates who receive the three-highest vote counts will serve three-year terms. Youth candidates, one from the McLean High School boundary area and one from the Langley High School boundary area, will serve one-year terms. Youth candidates do not have to attend these schools to serve on the board.

Adult Candidate Personal Statements:

Susan Bourgeois: As a Governing Board member of the McLean Community Center (MCC) for the last six years, I am pleased to be running for a third term. As Capital Facilities Committee Chair and Vice Chair of the Board for the last two years, I have led the expansion and renovation efforts of MCC's main campus from an idea to a reality. With re-election, I would continue work to ensure its completion, while being on time and on budget. McLean resident for 16 years, married to Mark, three teenagers, startling fact: recently ran my first 5K in 23 years. See contact information at

Merrily Pierce: As a 40-year resident of McLean, I am a regular user of the McLean Community Center. I’m running for the Board as a way of giving back to this community. I’m a retired employee of Fairfax County. As a former president of the McLean Citizens Association (MCA), I have worked with residents to help resolve issues involving the Center, library, and McLean Central Park. If elected as your MCC Board member for the next three years, I will listen to your suggestions and respect your tax dollars that support the Center while advancing its mission. Thank you for your vote. Email:

Jennifer Rossman: My family and I are proud to call McLean home. I’m currently a full-time mom and community volunteer serving on hospital and academic boards. My education and professional experience working with non-profit organizations would be an asset to the MCC Governing Board. I believe that those entrusted with the stewardship of tax dollars and community resources have a responsibility to ensure those resources are invested in ways that show value and enrich the communities they serve. My parents set an amazing example of active civic engagement and community service – an example that I strive to set for my young son. Email: Website:

Laurelie B. Wallace: It has been an honor to serve as a member of the McLean Community Center Governing Board for the last three years. During my term, I have been Chair of the Program and Elections committees and also served on the Communications and Capital Facilities committees. McLean is my hometown. I was born and raised here. Now that I am older, I want to give back to the place that has given me so much. McLean has evolved over the years and I want it to continue to be as special to future generations as it has been for me.

Email: Website:

Youth Candidate Personal Statements

McLean High School area

Jenna Lebowitz: Living in McLean, I have been fortunate to grow up in such a safe and nurturing environment. As the second oldest of six children, I have always been a natural leader, role model and have held many responsibilities. Along with this, I have sought out other leadership opportunities in my community, such as a McLean Youth Basketball Coach this year. Also, I started a program that raises money to provide the McLean High School Special Education department with musical instruments. I am excited for this opportunity to represent the youth of my community and make McLean an even better place!

Rahul Mani: Growing up in McLean has been a wonderful experience and I would be honored to have an opportunity to serve as a youth liaison at the MCC. I’m a rising junior at McLean High School. I’m an honor-roll student-athlete, playing high school football and McLean house basketball. I’m also a National Guild pianist. I have volunteered at the county library, and MPAartfest. I work with Room to Read, a non-profit aiming to improve gender equality and literacy around the world. I am committed to use the MCC forum to express the ideas of the youth and help improve our community.


Langley High School area

Tarun Kamath: I am a junior currently attending TJHSST. I have lived in McLean for over 10 years, and have served on the Governing Board for the past year. I also do volunteer work around the community: I participated in the annual flea market and tutored at my local elementary school. I also participate in Policy Debate, which specializes in the discussion of the pros and cons of policy making, a skill I hope to utilize on the MCC. I am committed to use MCC forum to help in getting schools involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics projects and competitions.

Quentin Levin: I run not merely to take office, but to make MCC a better organization. I vow to spread MCC’s explorative spirit and goodwill throughout McLean, because community makes us who we are. As class president, debate team leader, and contributing journalist, I know how to listen. Because we all know the tragic results of epidemic stress, I’ll push programs that support stress management. I firmly believe life must be lived to its fullest. I’ll apply this principle to every endeavor as we open the arts to new eyes, have fun, and explore our deepest passions. McLean’s future is our future! Email:

Write-in Candidates are allowed. Write-in candidates must have at least 10 votes from 10 residents of the Center’s tax district in order to have their votes counted. For youth write-in candidates, the 10 votes must come from teens who live within the same high school boundary area as the candidate.

Residents who are not able to attend McLean Day may vote by absentee ballot through Wednesday, May 13. Residents may request absentee ballot packages by phone (703-790-0123, TTY: 711) or E-mail (, or they can pick them up at the Center, 1234 Ingleside Avenue, or at the Old Firehouse Teen Center, 1440 Chain Bridge Rd.Completed ballot packages must be received at the Center by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13.

For more information call the Center at 703-790-0123, or visit