Letter: What’s Meant By ‘Farm?’

Letter: What’s Meant By ‘Farm?’

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

These comments are in response to the article on Whitehall Farms. While it’s easy to love chickens, corn mazes and veggies, the reality of “farms” is quite different. Wineries, breweries and liquor distilleries are all considered “farms” too.

You need to know the facts and ask, is there a “farm” in my future? Because, the only rule for “farms” in Fairfax County is – anything goes.

  • “Farms” get big breaks on their property taxes.
  • “Farms” are exempt from building codes and fire inspection.
  • “Farms” aren’t held to the laws which protect the drinking water

source for one million people.

  • “Farms” making alcohol use semi-industrial production methods — in

our neighborhoods.

  • “Farms” operate unlimited events with unlimited visitors.

Seven years after the first “farm” laws were passed by the General Assembly, Fairfax County is the only Northern Virginia county without “farm” ordinances. Without ordinances, residential neighborhoods have no protection from “farm” developers.

Why is the Board of Supervisors protecting “farm” alcohol sellers and “farm” party places at the expense of our residential neighborhoods?

Donna McGrath

President, Clifton Coalition