McLean/Great Falls: A Year in Review

McLean/Great Falls: A Year in Review

Highlights of 2015

Significant Accomplishments

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-10):

“As we finish out 2015, Congress has achieved significant accomplishments that impact our community: Number one, we focused on the nation’s and our community’s priorities and passed a bipartisan budget that reversed the defense sequester cuts and restored needed national security and defense funds. We passed a permanent Research and Development tax credit and cut taxes for small businesses, start-ups and families. A five-year transportation funding bill, which included funds directed to reduce traffic congestion as well as requiring more accountability and reliability from Metro, was signed into law. We passed human trafficking legislation to stop this growing crime and to protect women and children, and we established two local task forces to tackle the devastating problems caused by heroin use and addiction. In 2016, I look forward to continuing to expand our 21st-century economy and opportunity for all and restoring our national security and defense.”

Thank You to Retiring Supervisors

Sharon Bulova, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors:

“This summer, Fairfax County showcased our impressive public safety capabilities during the exciting World Police and Fire Games.

In March, to build on and enhance an already great Police Department, I convened a Police Practices Review Commission. Recommendations from this 30+ member Commission centered on use of force, response to offenders suffering from mental illness, communications, oversight and recruitment. Changes resulting from the work of the Commission will help foster our culture of public trust and ensure the fair and timely resolution of police-involved incidents.

I signed on to Michelle Obama’s “Mayor’s Challenge” to end Veteran Homelessness by the end of 2015. Thanks to our strong partnership with nonprofits and faith-based organizations, homeless veterans are now quickly identified and connected to support services and housing.

2015 was an election year for local government. Please join me in saying ‘Thank you’ to retiring supervisors Gerry Hyland and Mike Frey and ‘Welcome’ to new Supervisors Dan Storck and Kathy Smith.”

Dranesville in 2015

Supervisor John Foust (D-Dranesville):

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget: The Board of Supervisors adopted the Fiscal Year 2016 budget that provided funding for essential services including Education, Public Safety and Human Services, while controlling the tax burden on homeowners. Schools remained the number one priority for the Board of Supervisors, receiving nearly 53 percent of the County’s General Fund, which represented 99.8 percent of what the School Board requested.

Spring Hill Recreation Center: A highlight of 2015 was the opening last January of the renovated and expanded Spring Hill Recreation Center in McLean. New features include a two-story fitness center, a gymnasium with basketball and volleyball courts, an elevated running track and family changing rooms.

World Police and Fire Games: Fairfax County was the host to the 2015 World Police and Fire Games from June 26-July 5. Over 9,000 athletes from 68 countries participated in 61 sporting events at 53 venues with the assistance of over 6000 volunteers and staff.

Lewinsville Center: The Board of Supervisors approved an agreement with a major nonprofit developer to redevelop the Lewinsville Senior Center. New space will be constructed for the senior center, adult day care center, two child care centers and 80 independent living apartments. Construction will begin in 2016.

Grange: With funding from the Board of Supervisors and the Park Authority, the historic Grange building in Great Falls was made fully ADA-compliant with the addition of a wheelchair lift, an ADA-compliant unisex bathroom, and improvements to the parking areas and walking routes.

Economic Development: The Board of Supervisors adopted a strategic plan to strengthen the County’s economy for the 21st century. The strategy focuses on high-level policy recommendations to help the County to expand and diversify the economy. The economic roadmap was created by the 50-member, board-appointed Economic Advisory Commission, along with county staff.

Ad Hoc Police Practices Commission: The Board of Supervisors created the Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission, which delivered a final report with 142 policy recommendations for the Fairfax County Police Department, in the areas of communications, recruitment/diversity/vetting, mental health, crisis intervention training, use of force and independent oversight and investigation.

Better Laws on Gun Shop Locations

State Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31):

“I am grateful for the voters’ choice to reelect me and honored for the chance to serve the community with my recently elected colleagues, including: Fairfax Supervisor John Foust, Delegate Kathleen Murphy, and Arlington County Board Members Katie Cristol and Christian Dorsey.

The year 2015 highlighted the need for better laws governing the location of gun shops. I joined McLean advocates and other legislators to protest a gun shop opening next to Franklin Sherman Elementary School. In the General Assembly, I fought to protect survivors of domestic violence and advocated for mental health services in our public schools. Although these efforts did not pass, my successful initiatives will: keep campuses safe while protecting the privacy of sexual assault survivors; fund a program that helps students get an Associate Degree while completing high school; and improve the quality of in–home child care. I also helped shape the long overdue ethics bill.”