Letter: Change in Leadership

Letter: Change in Leadership

— To the Editor:

Coverage of plans for a Bill Euille write-in campaign have emphasized that Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg defeated the mayor by a narrow margin. While true, accompanying commentary has missed the larger point: 65 percent of those who voted in June 9 Democratic primary voted for a candidate other than the incumbent mayor. The conclusion that must be drawn is that Alexandrians are looking for a change in leadership.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have tremendous respect for Mayor Euille. I do, too, and I’m grateful for his nearly three decades of service to the city, including four terms as mayor. But it’s time for the mayor to give someone else a turn at lending their leadership to our splendid city. Both during the congressional election in November and June’s Democratic primary, voters delivered a clear message. It’s time for Mayor Euille to accept the accolades that are indisputably his due and move into new forms of service to the city and beyond. To do otherwise is to not only diminish his genuinely distinguished record of service, and but to suggest that once elected, our mayors are meant to serve for a lifetime.

Gail Manza