Letter: Talented Progressive

Letter: Talented Progressive

To the Editor:

I'm delighted to share a somewhat unique vantage point on one of the many qualified candidates for our House of Delegates 45th District seat.

You can learn a lot about someone when you share time and space with them nearly every day. Running for Congress in 2014's crowded field was just that environment.

Due to the tyranny of the alphabet, I frequently found myself sitting next to, and speaking after, Mark Levine. This is not a particularly advantageous position to find yourself in.

I've had the honor of surrounding myself with world class leaders in many fields in my life. You don't see them all the time: the Marine, SEAL or Ranger who everyone looks to and willingly follows in combat; the Fighter Pilot who sees, and wins, the fight in advance; those top 1 percent Harvard B-School types who are just thinking on another level — getting 90 other competitive-minded classmates shaking their head in amazement.

Mark Levine is that special type of candidate for public service. I've seen his unique blend of clear thinking mixed with deep experience at many a debate and public venue. It's rare; it's impressive. He speaks his mind with passion and purpose. He is happy to disagree with you; and he will bring relevant facts to the discussion.

From the stage, you can see people sit up and take notice with a more concentrated mind when he speaks. And I'm here to say, Mark's heart is as big as his head.

As a graduate of Harvard College, Yale Law, and a Fulbright Scholarship in Switzerland, as well as having been a successful lawyer and U.S. Rep. Barney Frank’s legislative counsel for three years, Mark has the skills and the commitment to progressive politics we need. He will be a tireless fighter for our Democratic principles and he is the type of talent that all Virginians should want to represent them in Richmond.

Bruce Shuttleworth