Letter: Celebrating Marriage Equality

Letter: Celebrating Marriage Equality

To the Editor:

Today, we rejoice in the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the federal right of same sex partners to legal marriage in the cases of Obergefell v. Hodges, Tanco v. Haslam, DeBoer v. Snyder, Bourke v. Beshear. We give thanks for the discernment shown by the Justices on this issue and their standing on the side of love. We give thanks that today, for the first time in our nation’s history, the marriages of same sex couples will be legally permitted and legally recognized in all 50 states.

As people of faith, we stand together in the belief that all persons, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, deserve the civil and human rights recognizing their marriage covenant. We stand together in love and support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) communities at this momentous time.

However, we must also acknowledge that the struggle for full rights under the law for LGBTQ people is not over. While marriage is now legal for all, LGBTQ civil rights, property rights, and anti-discrimination protection especially for LGBT youth continue to be issues that deserve our attention and our prayers.

We remain together, a diverse community of people of faith, working for the continued progress towards full justice for the LGBTQ communities. And we will remain committed to stand together until our goal is achieved, witnessing each in our own way as we honor our belief that our creator made us in love and created us to love and to be loved.

Blessed be. Toda elohim. Namaste. Thanks be to God.


Signatories: 47 Northern Virginia clergy and faith leaders

Rabbi Joshua Ackerman, Arlington; Rev. Marty Anderson, Commonwealth Baptist Church, Alexandria; Rev. Robin Anderson, Commonwealth Baptist Church, Alexandria; Rev. Allie Rosner Bass, Arlington Temple United Methodist Church, Arlington; Rabbi Lia Bass, Arlington; Rev. Joan Bell-Haynes, United Christian Parish, Reston; The Rev. Jo J. Belser, Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Alexandria; Rev. Jeanne Brenneis, Arlington; Rev. Jennifer Brooks, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax, Oakton; Rev. Susan Browning; Rev. Madelyn Campbell, Arlington; The Rev. Sharon K. Core, Arlington Presbyterian Church, Arlington; The Rev. David M. Crosby, Alexandria; Rev. Kristen Curlee, Bethel United Church of Christ, Arlington; Cynthia Dahlin, Seekers Church, Arlington; Rev. Dr. David Ensign, Clarendon Presbyterian Church, Arlington; Rev. Henry E. “Hank” Fairman, Little River United Church of Christ, Annandale; The Rev. Nancy Fitzgerald, Arlington Church of the Brethren, Arlington; Elizabeth Fogarty, POFEV-Northern Virginia Network, Arlington; Rev. Dr. Jerrold L. Foltz, Wellspring United Church of Christ, Centreville; The Rev. Leslie J. Hague, Arlington; Rev Trish Hall, Center for Spiritual Living - Metro, Arlington; Rev. Russell Heiland, Unity of Fairfax, Oakton; Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax, Oakton; The Rev. Phyllis Hubbell, Loudoun County; Rev. Stephen Hyde, Ravensworth Baptist Church, Annandale; Cantor Jason Kaufman, Beth El Hebrew Congregation, Alexandria; Rev. Jeanette Leisk, Alexandria; Rev. Dr. David B. Lindsey, Little River United Church of Christ, Annandale; Rev. Janet Parsons Mackey, Annandale; The Rev. John Manwell, Loudoun County; Rev. Aaron McEmrys, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington; Rev. Scott McNeill, Bull Run Unitarian Universalists, Manassas; Kim Moeller, POFEV-Northern Virginia Network, Leesburg; Rev. Amber Henry Neuroth, Hope United Church of Christ, Alexandria; Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington; Rev. Ron Rising, Emmaus United Church of Christ, Vienna; Rev. Dr. Lisa Rzepka, John Calvin Presbyterian Church, Annandale; Rev. John Shellito, St. George's Episcopal Church, Arlington; Rev. Leslie Nunez Steffensen, Grace Episcopal Church, Alexandria; Rev. Dr. Danny Spears, MCC Northern Virginia, Fairfax; Rev. Mark J Suriano, Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ, Arlington; Jason Thompson, Bethel United Church of Christ, Arlington; Shelly Thompson, Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington; The Rev. Heather VanDeventer, Alexandria; Rev. Rob Vaughn, Herndon; The Very Rev. Shearon Sykes Williams, Saint George's Episcopal Church, Arlington