Letter: Frustrated Taxpayer

Letter: Frustrated Taxpayer

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am frustrated. I have not felt represented by the majority of the actions taken by city hall over the past 25 years. Is anyone else with me?

  • Are you heartbroken by the erosion of the historic character of Old Town and Parker Grey and want to preserve what is left?
  • Are you embarrassed “historic” Alexandria banners hang along entire blocks of new construction?
  • Are you concerned that the congested traffic and scarce parking in Old Town will only be exacerbated by recent development approvals on the waterfront?
  • Are you frustrated that it seems like City Council’s minds are made up before they go through the motions of “listening”’ to citizen input?
  • Are you shocked by the fact that Mayor Euille would suggest and defend the concept of selling Alexandria’s historic city hall as being reasonable?
  • Do you resent that new businesses are given tax breaks and incentives to move here while residents’ real estate taxes have been generally climbing year after year?

The only opportunity to have a say in who leads our city as mayor for the next four years is to vote in the Democratic primary on June 9. You need not be a registered Democrat to participate in the primary. There are no Republican candidates for mayor. Whoever wins the primary election will be your next mayor. Of the three candidates, incumbent William D. Euille has been mayor for the past 11 years, and Kerry Donnelly was mayor 15 years prior to that. I hope there are enough people in Alexandria — Democrats and Republicans — who will demonstrate they are tired of being disappointed by city leadership and cast a vote for Allison Silberberg for mayor.

Twig Murray