Arlington: Goldstein Wins Nomination

Arlington: Goldstein Wins Nomination

While the rest of Arlington’s Democrats get ready for the June 9 Democratic primary, the race for the Democratic endorsement for school board drew to a close on May 16 when the Arlington County Democratic Committee endorsed Reid Goldstein. Under Virginia law, all candidates for School Board are required to run as independents, but may seek endorsement from political parties.

Goldstein received 1,252 votes in the Democratic caucus, nearly twice that of his competitor Sharon Dorsey, who received 648 votes. Both candidates had focused on overcrowding in the Arlington schools as their primary campaign issue.

“We face the challenge of growing enrollment as families are drawn to Arlington by our tradition of excellent education,” said Goldstein following his election. “We must maintain that excellence going forward as we work to close the achievement gap, provide for growing enrollment, and ensure openness and respect for diversity. I look forward to working with Arlington Democrats in the November election campaign, and hope to earn election to the School Board to work for our schools for the next four years.”