Alexandria: Clear Frontrunner in Mayoral Fundraising Race

Alexandria: Clear Frontrunner in Mayoral Fundraising Race


Incumbent Mayor William Euille shows strong lead in fundraising race.

While the race for the Democratic primary in Alexandria’s mayoral election remains hotly contested, incumbent William Euille remains the clear winner in terms of fundraising.

With $95,879, Euille has raised more than competitors Kerry Donley’s $40,203 and Allison Silberberg’s $21,345 combined. Euille did start with a $3,312 balance lead, but has since managed to raise an additional $85,029.

Both Euille and Donley received two $5,000 donations to his reelection campaign from Real Estate developers: Perpetual Realty East LLC and Land of Opportunity LLC. Perpetual Realty East LLC and Land of Opportunity LLC both real estate offices in the Hoffman Building on Eisenhower Avenue.

Donley and Euille also received $2,500 from Jack Taylor Toyota, an auto dealership in Alexandria.

All three candidates received $1,000 from U.S. Rep. Don Beyer’s election fund.

Euille also received a $2,500 donation from Austin Flajser, the president of Carr City Centers and, according to the Carr website, head of day-to-day operations at Carr Hospitality. Carr Properties owns several buildings near the King Street Metro and was recently at the center of a battle between the city and local citizens regarding a planned hotel at 220 S. Union St. The conflict ended in a lawsuit that went to the Virginia Supreme Court, which ultimately ruled in the city’s favor.

In addition to the funding from Perpetual Realty East, Land of Opportunity, and Jack Taylor Toyota, Donley has received $1,000 from Carson Lee Fifer Jr., a local land use attorney, and David Speck, a financial advisor at Wells Fargo and former city councilman from 1991 to 2003.

Trailing in the fundraising race is Silberberg, whose largest donation is $1,948 from her 2012 City Council campaign.