Letter: Keep Ticketing The Bicyclists

Letter: Keep Ticketing The Bicyclists

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I enthusiastically support the City of Alexandria Police Department’s stepped up enforcement of our local traffic laws as they apply to bicyclists. For too long now bicycle riders have been ignoring stop signs, car traffic, and pedestrians.

It is especially tough in Old Town where you have so many shoppers, tourists, and residents who have to dodge the bicycles weaving through pedestrian crosswalks and running stop signs. In fact, accidents have occurred where pedestrians and cars have been struck.

It is good that the police are out writing tickets and giving warnings. I hope the word gets out to those riders who flaunt the traffic rules so they will slow down and stop at the intersections. Especially the gentleman recently on the news after receiving a ticket. He said, “Obviously every bicyclist slows down.” No, they don’t, and neither did he or he wouldn’t have received the ticket.

Certainly, not all bike riders disobey the posted traffic signs, but those who do make it very dangerous for the rest of us. I hope the police continue the enforcement a while longer. We all will be safer for it.

Charles S. Hulfish