Letter: Complete Contrast

Letter: Complete Contrast

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I attended the Great Falls Citizens Association debate at The Grange, and despite the rain, I’m very glad I did. What stood out to me most was the complete contrast between the two candidates for Dranesville District Supervisor – John Foust (the incumbent) and Jennifer Chronis. John Foust devoted his portion of the debate to citing numerous specific examples of solutions he has delivered to Great Falls over his past two terms as Supervisor and showing his in-depth understanding of and involvement with the issues.

Jennifer Chronis, on the other hand, demonstrated that she has a superficial understanding of how the county works, made unsupported claims that she could do better on the budget that John has devoted himself to over the past 8 years, falsely claimed that funding for widening Route 7 is not in place, and took cheap shots, such as repeatedly accusing John of raising his own salary – even after he explained he voted to raise the salary of future (not current) supervisors so that persons of more modest means would be able to serve in the position. And then Ms. Chronis piled on in a manner unbecoming of a serious candidate by repeating over and over that she puts the needs of others ahead of her own (implying that Supervisor Foust does not) when anyone who knows John can tell you about his lengthy history of selfless service to our community. To top it off, Ms. Chronis had the audacity to claim that John does not appear at community events – really? We need to re-elect John Foust as supervisor rather than the candidate who is willing to resort to cheap shots and untruths in her pursuit of the job.

Susan Thomas

Great Falls