Letter: The Experience Argument

Letter: The Experience Argument

To the Editor:

Recently, the cadre of hard-edged political supporters of current Mayor Euille have attempted to use the argument of “lack of experience” to disqualify Democratic Primary winner Allison Silberberg. This just doesn’t hold water.

President Obama, whose campaign I worked for, won his first term as leader of this country with experience in the Illinois State Senate and one partial term in the U.S. Senate. President Obama’s limited experience has not, in my opinion, prevented him from effectively taking on the Great Recession, mitigating a disastrous war, and delivering a national healthcare program.

Obviously, it is not “experience” or “numbers” that count. It is the intelligence and understanding of the issues that count. And the ability to manage the dais. As vice mayor, Allison Silberberg did both well. Given the current mayor’s inability to respond to residents’ concerns in ways that do not result in project delays from poor management, only proves that “experience” is a poor measure of performance.

Mayor Euille’s 12 years of experience has not brought people together in positive and constructive ways. The result … voters in the Democratic primary for mayor came together and chose Allison Silberberg to lead the city.

Kathryn Papp