Letter: Chamber Endorses Incumbents

Letter: Chamber Endorses Incumbents

To the Editor

To the Editor:

NOVABizPAC declined to interview the 34th District’s two candidates for delegate this year. Instead, they made it their default position to endorse Del. Kathleen Murphy. To understand why, we need to understand how political organizations like the Fairfax Chamber operate. Many of them, including this one, have a longstanding policy to endorse incumbents. They do this so they can have a working relationship with all current lawmakers, regardless of party. When there is an open seat, however, their endorsement process is much more rigorous. Last year, because there was no incumbent running, NOVABizPAC interviewed both Murphy and Parisot. Based on that interview and the experience of the two candidates, they endorsed Craig Parisot. Craig Parisot hasn’t changed since he received their endorsement in December. His is still the best choice for Northern Virginia’s businesses.

Priscilla M. Griffith