Letter: Uniting the Community

Letter: Uniting the Community

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

There's a candidate for County Board who can bring people from all different backgrounds together. Christian Dorsey is the only candidate endorsed by all five members of the County Board, and he is best poised to unite our community moving forward so we can address our community's challenges. Dorsey understands that throwing money at a problem doesn't necessarily produce better results, and as an economic policy expert by trade, Dorsey will help ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely.

That's why Dorsey, a Democrat and a Columbia Pike resident, opposed the streetcar project — not because he didn't want to see investment in Arlington's infrastructure and transit-oriented development, but because he wants to make sure those investments are smart, sound, responsible and the best use of our money. Arlington will benefit by having someone on the County Board with a background in economics and deep community involvement who can bring Democrats, Republicans, and Independents together to build a better Arlington.

Josh Petty