Letter: Traits for School Board

Letter: Traits for School Board

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

This might be entitled: “Margaret Lorber is a Good Choice for School Board.”

Margaret Lorber grew up in a family of educators and learned early on about how well-run schools should work. Her nine years as a parent liaison in the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) further enhanced her deep knowledge on enrollment issues, facilities, family needs, and how to solve problems as they arise. She retired this past June.

Additionally, Lorber knows well that many families have trouble understanding what children are learning, how to accomplish homework, and is keenly aware that many do not have an appropriate place to study.

Some families may be unaware that the Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) is available to help with these issues, but Lorber has, as an ACPS employee, informed families who register for school through the English Language Learners office (ELL) that this community group is available to help. Her work and engagement with our families in Alexandria is critical for children to increase their ability to learn and grow. Moreover, Lorber is bilingual in Spanish and communicates easily to one-third of our student population.

Margaret Lorber supports teachers. Given the ACPS Strategic Plan 2020 where academic excellence and educational equity are goals, she is ready to support competitive pay, provide classroom assistance, and add more planning time to teacher’s days. These are well known as three critical components to retention.

Since the middle of August, Margaret Lorber has been walking in District B neighborhoods and knocking on doors, and her love for engaging the city’s population has been very successful. She has learned how many citizens, even those with no children, are supportive of the educational priorities of ACPS. Overwhelmingly, there is interest (from the citizens) for asking the City Council to appropriate educational needs support. Many folks have been encouraged by her actions which have been as simple as knocking on doors, meeting constituents, and asking for their important input. This is exactly what all School Board candidates should be doing, and I believe that Margaret is leading in this endeavor.

Not only is Lorber knowledgeable about the city and ACPS, but she also sent her two children through the system. With firsthand experience, she understands salient topics and needs for making the Alexandria community a well-educated and informed city supporting their children and families. As a long term resident myself, I have known Lorber for nearly 20 years, and worked along with her within the ELL offices doing school entry physicals for immigrants. She is caring, passionate, and deeply interested in providing an education to all students aligning with Dr. Crawley’s “Excellence in Action” vision for ACPS.

Margaret Lorber has my vote and 100 percent support because she is a person loving the children, supporting the ACPS system, and fully understanding the educational process.

Nancy Runton, PhD, CPNP