Letter: Voices of Reason

Letter: Voices of Reason

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In 1998, I established my residence in Old Town, Alexandria, and have grown to love this charming city, although recently the City Council’s political bickering has challenged my enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I am happy to see signs of hope in Alexandria. For years the City Council has been dominated by a one-party agenda. Council votes have been in the order of 6 to 1, with the one being Allison Silberberg, a Democrat. She has consistently called for curbing expenditures to rein in a ballooning debt, and has critiqued inadequate planning for the Old Town waterfront development project. In the recent Democratic Primary she campaigned as “A Voice of Reason,” a campaign noted for its early and effective marketing.

The good news is a developing concept of “Voices of Reason,” inclusive of Republicans, led by a former candidate for mayor, Townsend “Van” Van Fleet. Van Fleet is joining up with Silberberg with less talk of party labels such as Democratic Plan and Republican Plan, and more talk of a “Citizen’s Plan.” This is indeed welcome news. This concept will be a joint effort to focus on preserving the beauty and uniqueness of Old Town, improving the quality of public education, increasing police and firemen presence, and endorsing sensible growth. If this concept is able to deliver a more rational, balanced approach to prioritizing the city’s needs, followed by budgeting and budget execution, they will have made a solid contribution to Alexandria’s quality of life.

John O. B. Sewall

MG, USA (Ret.)