Letter: Determined Republicans

Letter: Determined Republicans

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

On the front page of your last issue you describe Republican candidate for Council Van Fleet as the “leading spokesperson for residents of Old Town.” You may have given him this position because he probably has written more letters to your paper than any other resident. Certainly being president of the Old Town Civic Association does not entitle him to be the “leading spokesperson.” That organization represents only a few hundred Old Town residents.

Many Old Town residents, myself included, support the waterfront plan. And we would

characterize Mr. Van Fleet as a gadfly, not our spokesperson. He is critical of nearly everything.

Van Fleet is no fan of contemporary architecture on the waterfront, preferring ersatz federal style buildings, like Harbor Front, where he lives. These “phony colony” buildings can be found everywhere in our region.

Robinson Terminal South, designed by one of the country's most outstanding architects, is a refreshing addition to the waterfront area. Charleston, S.C. – the paragon of how a city should be run according to Van Fleet – has several contemporary buildings on its waterfront and elsewhere in its historic district.

Unfortunately Van Fleet is likely to be elected this fall. So far the Republican candidates for Council are running much more energetic campaigns than the Democrats, with the exception of Justin Wilson.

This complacency by the Democrats might very well mean that Virginia's most Democratic jurisdiction will have a Republican-controlled government. Allison Silberberg is the Democratic candidate for mayor, but her views are in many ways supportive of the Republicans. That is why the Republicans have not put forth a mayoral candidate.

H.J. Rosenbaum