Centreville Letter: Terrorist Attack on Brussels

Centreville Letter: Terrorist Attack on Brussels

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

For people in Brussels, Belgium Tuesday was like any other day. People were doing what they normally do, going to work,stopping by the coffee shops, filling gas in their cars etc. Two loud noises which turned out to be bombs, exploded at the Zaventem airport and one exploded at the metro station. These explosions claimed the lives of 30 innocent people and injuring over 200- people like you and me. Not soon after ISIS took credit for the horrific events. ISIS, as we all know, claims to be doing such things in the name of Islam.

As a young teenager I am confused about their actions. What religion teaches violence? The Islam that I know, teaches Love, Peace and Unity, not violence. It is a sin for a Muslim to kill someone. So why do these people kill? They kill because they are illiterate; they have no knowledge, no common sense. Quite frankly they are going backwards. Backwards into time before prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), in fact before civilization in my mind. There is no evidence that the Holy Prophet of Islam ever allowed violence. He did say to defend yourself if you are being attacked because you are Muslim. In the case of ISIS, they are simply cowards trying to put fear into people. They are trying to make people hate each other. What these terrorists are doing is against the religion and they are putting a bad impression on the religion. They are misusing a religion for their own unknown agenda.

As a Muslim it is my responsibility to show others the true Islam, not the Islam the world knows from the perspective of social media, terrorist attacks and ISIS. I will never let go of my faith because of these foolish acts. I wish these people would realize this and go to the holy book, Quran, and read it again and understand that we are here to care for one another and pray to God for forgiveness. When I hear about these attacks I pray to God for the well being of the injured and their families. I pray for the brave men and women who serve in law enforcement, EMTs, firefighters and others who put their lives on the line everyday to protect innocent people like me.

Ujala Yousaf