Letter: Clean Energy Creates New Opportunities

Letter: Clean Energy Creates New Opportunities

To the Editor

To the Editor:

This Earth Day, April 22, the United States signed the Paris Agreement, which required unprecedented international cooperation to address climate change by reducing carbon pollution. Even before the agreement is formally signed, countries have been taking action by investing in clean, renewable energy - a necessary step to meet commitments of carbon reduction.

The United States current contribution to climate action includes policies like the Clean Power Plan. Renewable energy innovation has created good jobs here in Virginia to supply clean, reliable power to our communities. Governor Terry McAuliffe has repeatedly confirmed he will take strong climate action and cut harmful pollution. Gov. McAuliffe recognizes the risks of sea level rise that is already flooding Virginia’s coast, threatening military assets, and cultural gems like Tangier Island.

The dirty fossil fuel industry is influencing our representatives in state governments and Congress to try to block the Clean Power Plan and other lifesaving public protections. Our smart economic, political and community leaders are seizing the opportunity that climate action provides to create thousands of jobs, drive innovation, and foster economic growth. This Earth Day, with the signing of the Paris Agreement, I celebrate the chance to protect our economy and our public health in Virginia.

Kelsey Crane