Alexandria Column: Providing Some Tips for Back-To-School Shopping

Alexandria Column: Providing Some Tips for Back-To-School Shopping

From The Old Town Boutique District

It just about time for those school bells to start ringing once again. To get you and your family ready for the new school year, here are some tricks and trends to help guide you through back-to-school clothing shopping.

1. What’s in your closet?

Before you head to the store, take a good look at what you already have in your closet. For the items that got the most use consider adding more of those to your shopping list. Also look for items that might have been outgrown or damaged. For any items that could be of use to another family, consider consigning them at stores like 529 Kids Consign in Old Town (122 A S. Royal St.), which is a great way to earn money.

2. Know the trends

This fall, the top trends for boys are influenced by “city chic” and “athletic” looks. On the other side, it’s all about the year of the girl. With 2016 marking our first ever female presidential nominee of a major party, girls are about breaking old gender norms, even with their clothing. Like the boys, athletics are influencing their style as well as "bohemian" styles.

However, the most important note when it comes to trends, is to know that now, more than ever before, kids are all about showcasing their own personal style. It’s all about standing out and not fitting in this year, so let them shine.

3. Set a schedule for shopping.

Once you know what you need, set aside a distinct time for shopping. While it may be tempting to pick up items here and there amidst your other errands, scheduling a time can save you the headaches. It will allow you and the kids to be focused and make sure you stick to your lists.

Also pay attention to special promotions to get the most bang for your buck. Look for promotional emails or on the social media pages of your favorite boutiques, to see if they are offering Back-to-School sales or incentives. Don’t forget this weekend (Aug 5-7) is the Sales Tax Holiday/Tax-Free Weekend in Virginia.

5. Get the kids involved and excited

Back-to-School shopping is all about the kids, so get them involved. Depending on their age and interest, let them be part of the decision making process. For little ones it might be as simple as letting them choose between green or red shoes, while more mature students might be more involved in choosing where to shop, or sticking to their budget. For kids that aren’t really into shopping make sure you add another fun activity to the day. Perhaps they get get to choose a restaurant for the lunch break or build in a reward for a good day of shopping. Make it fun.

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