Potomac: Resources Online for Older Drivers

Potomac: Resources Online for Older Drivers

Montgomery County has launched “Explore Older Driver Resources,” a new webpage for older residents and their families. The page includes information about driving safely as well as alternate transportation options for those who prefer to limit or cease driving.

The new webpage offers five main sections of information:

  • Interested in being a lifelong driver? (Provides links to high-quality resources for safe driving advice.)

  • What are some changes that might cause problems while driving? (Gives basic information on age-related changes that can affect driving and resources for self- assessment.)

  • How do you feel about letting someone else do the driving? (Lists local resources to support those who decide to reduce time driving.)

  • Interested in exploring alternatives to driving? (Offers comprehensive information about transportation options for county seniors.)

  • Concerned about loved ones on the road? (Suggests resources to support family conversations regarding transitioning away from driving.)

See http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/senior/older-driver-resources.html.