Arlington: Thunderbolts Fall to Gators

Arlington: Thunderbolts Fall to Gators

In its fourth meet of the NVSL Division II season, the Donaldson Run Thunderbolts fell on the road against the Mount Vernon Park Gators. The final score was 239-181.

Double individual race winners for Donaldson Run were: Hadley Leichty (boys’ 8&U 25 backstroke and breaststroke) and TJ Hutchison (boys’ 11-12 freestyle and backstroke).

The team’s single winners were (in order of age and event): Julia Sherinian (girls’ 9-10 50 freestyle); Grace Jansen (girls’ 11-12 freestyle); Scarlett Bennett (girls’ 8 &U 25 backstroke); Charlie Greenwood (boys’ 9-10 backstroke); Rachel Conley (girls’ 9-10 50 backstroke); Emily Brooks (girls’ 15-18 50 backstroke); Anna Eliot (girls’ 8&U 25 breaststroke); Drew Harker (boys’ 11-12 50 breaststroke); Jack Tsuchitani (boys’ 11-12 50 butterfly); Ella Rigoli (girls’ 11-12 butterfly); Audrey Engel (girls’ 13-14 butterfly); Huck Browne (boys’ 15-18 50 butterfly); and Julia Fayer (girls’ 15-18 50 butterfly).

Winning relay teams included: Diya Redburn, Ryan Clark, Tosca Filippone, and Scarlett Bennett (girls 8&under 100 free relay); TJ Hutchison, Drew Harker, Jack Tsuchitani, Charlie Taylor (boys’ 11-12 medley relay); Elsa Leichty, Rachel Meighan, Ella Rigoli, and Grace Jansen (girls’ 11-12 medley relay); TJ Hutchison, Charlie Greenwood, Sean Conley, and Andrew Walker (boys’ mixed aged 200 freestyle relay).