Alexandria Letter: Safety First

Alexandria Letter: Safety First

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

In his recent letter [“25 MPH Please,” March 24], Jim Durham writes, "Will 25 mph speed limits ‘push’ traffic to nearby streets, such as W Taylor Run? Not really."

We would like the above quote backed up with empirical evidence. Prior to implementing the pilot speed reduction program on Quaker Lane and Seminary Road, the Clover College Park Civic Association is asking the city to conduct a thorough analysis and develop a holistic approach that addresses the systemic problems of safety and congestion in each and every community in the Quaker/Seminary/Janney’s/West Taylor Run corridor.

Our neighborhood, like Mr. Durham’s, has suffered property damage, side-swiped cars, excessive speeding, accidents, and near misses due to cut-through traffic. In addition, it houses two schools, Bishop Ireton and McArthur Elementary, with a combined enrollment of approximately 1,500 students. Many of these students walk to and from school on our streets; their safety should be a top priority. We are asking that all concerned and affected communities support our proposal that the city postpone the pilot program until it develops a comprehensive solution to the traffic problems we are experiencing.

If we take the spirit of Mr. Durham’s letter, and the city’s rationale for implementing the pilot program – that being safety on Quaker Lane and Seminary Road – the logical extension is that we should be concerned for the safety of our neighbors in surrounding communities.

Clover College Park Civic Association Board

Melissa Yeardon, Lisa Montague, Ann Tucker, Lisa Porter, Don Brady, Deana Rhodeside, and Zorana Ilic