Vienna Police Officer Graduates from Academy

Vienna Police Officer Graduates from Academy


Officer Emmanuel Bulti and Chief James Morris

On April 15, Officer Emmanuel W. Bulti graduated from the 66th Session of the Fairfax County Criminal Justice Academy. The graduation ceremony was held at the Centreville Baptist Church. The graduation marks the culmination of a six month training session in which newly hired police recruits receive training in all aspects of police procedures. The six-month basic recruit session is a non-residential training program consisting of over 920 hours of instruction. The training includes academic studies in crisis intervention, assisting individuals with mental illness, de-escalation techniques and first aid. It also includes firearms training, emergency vehicles operation, physical training and defensive tactics. Officer Bulti is now assigned to a Field Training Instructor (FTI) for the next 10 weeks. Under the guidance of the FTI, Officer Bulti will become more familiar with the Town and all aspects of his law enforcement duties. In 2015 Officer Bulti graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He enjoys biking and outdoor activities.