Mount Vernon Letter: Grateful for Performers

Mount Vernon Letter: Grateful for Performers

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am a long time supporter of Alice's Kids, a local charity that provides targeted financial assistance to needy children in the hopes of enhancing their self-esteem. As the Gazette recently noted, Alice's Kids recently hosted a benefit concert that raised $2,500. I write to warmly and deeply thank four extraordinary young adults in our community for performing a marvelous concert. They are Charlotte and Eric Costentino, Anna Bozard, and Geoffrey Gallante. The level of talent and skill of these performers would be the envy of virtually every adult, and their extensive resumes are impressive for performers of any age, let alone teenagers. But what is most impressive is that they took the time to plan, rehearse and perform not for themselves or to further their aspirations, but to give back to the kids in their community who don't have the advantages that they do. As talented as they all are, their generous hearts and willingness to contribute are the most impressive thing about them by far.

We in the Mount Vernon community are so lucky to have these four young adults as shining examples of the best we have to offer. And I am deeply grateful to them for their efforts on behalf of Alice's Kids and the children that AK's serves.

Judy Conti