Sugar Shack, New District Team Up for Tasting

Sugar Shack, New District Team Up for Tasting

Brewery is pairing doughnuts with beer for Saturday event.

Beer. Doughnuts. Either selection is a treat in itself. But in what seems like Homer Simpson’s paradise, Arlington’s Sugar Shack and New District Brewing Company are coming together on Saturday to celebrate the two delicacies with a doughnut-and-beer tasting in Shirlington.

“We try to do things where we make the brewery a fun place to be. We know we have a very strong community around us,” said New District’s Anna Waigand. Plus: “Who doesn’t love doughnuts and beer?”

From 2 to 6 p.m. on Saturday, visitors to New District’s brewery can sample four different beers paired specifically with some of Sugar Shack’s doughnut holes. While the pairings won’t be named until the day of the event, look for New District’s beers to be used in the glazes for some of Sugar Shack’s doughnuts. Perhaps the brewery’s Citrus Blonde ale or Fashionably Late pumpkin will be on the menu; or perhaps not, Waigand says.

“We’re really trying to highlight two Arlington businesses and the way everybody can get together and people can have this experience where you have a little food and a little bit to drink, and you’re left with something you wouldn’t usually get at either location on a normal day,” said Sugar Shack’s Alexis Jenkins.

Tasting tickets are $14.50 apiece and can be bought from New District Brewing’s website at Just there for the doughnuts? Designated-driver tickets are also available for a lower price. And kids are welcome to sample the sweets too, Waigand says.

“We’re a very family-friendly brewery,” she said.

Donuts + Beer: A Pairing Event

Where: New District Brewing Company, 2709 South Oakland St.

When: Saturday, Nov. 5, 2-6 p.m.

Tickets: $14.50 at