McLean, Great Falls Letter: Championing Student Debt Relief

McLean, Great Falls Letter: Championing Student Debt Relief

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Barbara Comstock has made student debt relief a major priority during her first term in Congress, and that’s why she’s earned my vote for re-election in November.

Virginia students will borrow more than $1 billion to pay for college this year alone. The cost of college – at almost any college or university – is rising. It seems like you can read a new story on student debt every year. But for students like me, student debt isn’t a crisis that just plays out in the newspaper. It’s real. It’s money out of a paycheck right when I’m going to be starting my life.

That’s why I’m proud to see Barbara Comstock fighting to help. She’s introduced legislation to make it easier for students to refinance their student debt, much like you can refinance a home or auto loan today. She also supports letting students pay their college debt with pre-tax dollars.

These ideas, if adopted into law, would help millions of college students and recent graduates just like me. Barbara Comstock will continue to be our champion, and should be re-elected in November.

Erin Dreux