McLean, Great Falls Letter: Standing Up for Seniors

McLean, Great Falls Letter: Standing Up for Seniors

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Barbara Comstock has a proven record of fighting for the 10th District’s senior citizens and deserves the opportunity to keep working for us in Congress. Like she does on all issues, Barbara has set aside partisanship in favor of producing results. Her record speaks for itself.

Barbara worked to protect and preserve Medicare, voting to permanently fix the “sustainable growth rate” that has undermined the program for years. She’s supported more than $2 billion in new spending for research on Alzheimer’s and innovative medicines that will help improve care. And because of Barbara’s work, Congress was able to stop a proposed tax on important medical devices like pacemakers, artificial joints and diagnostic scanners like MRI machines.

These are the kind of results we deserve from our representative.

Barbara has done a great job standing up for seniors. She’ll keep fighting for us if we re-elect her to Congress in November.

Kenneth "Ken" Thornton