Lorton Letter: Energy and Passion

Lorton Letter: Energy and Passion

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

No one likes filing their taxes, but thanks to Congresswoman Barbara Comstock and 152 of her colleagues in Congress on both sides of the aisle, things might get a little easier for us: the hardworking taxpayers. Barbara Comstock is an original co-sponsor of the Free File Act of 2016. If this legislation is signed into law, millions of eligible Americans will have access to a free and simple e-filing system that saves both time and money.

The Free File Act of 2016 makes complying with the burdensome tax system a lot easier. This legislation provides a free e-file system that more than 70 percent of taxpayers can use to file their taxes. It also ensures that all taxpayers, regardless of income, have easy downloadable tax forms to use when filing their taxes. Additionally, the legislation protects low income families from predatory lenders offering refund anticipation loans. And finally, the legislation makes sure that low income taxpayers have access to free tax filing software.

This is another example of Congresswoman Comstock’s tireless effort to make a real impact. While some elected officials are worried about headlines and big splashes, Comstock is working on the issues that

affect our everyday lives – and she doesn’t worry about getting credit.

She represents District 10 with enormous energy and with a passion to use government to our benefit.

Mary D. Sullivan

Fairfax Station