Springfield Letter: Leadership for Today’s World

Springfield Letter: Leadership for Today’s World

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

As a retired U.S. Army Colonel who spent two-thirds of a 30-year career serving in Europe, I am deeply concerned about the state of world affairs. Having served through the end of the Cold War, I’ve come to know that American strength is the greatest force for good in the history of mankind. I have learned that an inadequately supported military cannot well execute the myriad of missions that the USA faces in the Post-Cold War and Post 9/11 World.

We need leaders in Congress who are committed to maintaining American strength both at home and abroad. That is why I am proud to support Barbara Comstock for Congress. Barbara has been a steadfast advocate for our men and women serving in uniform. She well understands the need for a strong national defense and has arduously worked to enhance our military and its capabilities.

LuAnn Bennett, on the other hand, openly admits she wants to cut defense spending. With ISIS on the rise, Russia returning to its Cold War intrigues, North Korea testing nuclear weapons, and the growth of radical extremism here at home, how could anyone think now is the time to lower our defenses?

I know Barbara Comstock is committed to preserving our world class military and to defending our citizens and national interests. She will continue to work tirelessly for our men and women in uniform, just as she does on other issues important to the 10th Congressional District – like human trafficking, opioid abuse, and transportation.

James Mault

Colonel, US Army (Retired)

10th District Resident