McLean, Great Falls Letter: Korean American Community Supports Comstock

McLean, Great Falls Letter: Korean American Community Supports Comstock

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock continues to earn the support of Northern Virginia’s Korean American community by consistently championing issues important to us. Since her time in the House of Delegates and now during her service in Congress, Comstock has always been actively involved in our community. As a close friend to her Korean American constituents, she is often an active participant in many local and national Korean cultural events. It is always a pleasure to see Comstock consistently attend important events to the Korean American community such as the Korean Bell Garden ceremony in Vienna, the annual KORUS festival, of which she has served as an honorary Chairwoman, and many others.

On the issues important to the Korean American community, Comstock always respectfully seeks our input as Americans who also embrace Korean culture, history and traditions. In the General Assembly she helped pass

the legislation to require Virginia textbooks to recognize the rightful name for the East Sea. In Congress, she voted to support the U.S. free trade agreement with South Korea, cosponsored legislation to help reunite Korean families, and met South Korean President Park. Comstock’s record speaks for itself. We've always appreciated her friendship and steadfast support of the Korean American community. Comstock has earned

our endorsement in November.

Sang Yi, President,

Korean American Republican Party of Virginia