McLean Letter: Committed to Keeping Us Safe

McLean Letter: Committed to Keeping Us Safe

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

As a long time Northern Virginia resident, and parent, I am very concerned about national and community safety and security. The threats we face here in our community are real – crime, drug addiction and human trafficking to name a few. We also face even bigger threats abroad – the rise of ISIS, a belligerent Russia, and a nuclear North Korea. When I vote in November, I’ll be voting for leaders who are committed to keeping us safe. I think Barbara Comstock is one of those leaders.

Comstock has a proven track record of working to make our community safer. She has helped raise awareness about opioid addiction and intervention, working with local law enforcement to establish programs. She’s supported multiple pieces of legislation to bring an end to human trafficking. Comstock also understands that we live a world of dangerous threats. She supported pay raises for our troops, believes we need a real plan to defeat ISIS so they cannot attack us at home, and voted for tougher sanctions on North Korea’s nuclear program. Keeping our community and our country safe needs to be a top priority for our elected leaders. Congresswoman Comstock has proven she can and will defend both.

Deborah Rohloff